What's Going Around: stomach virus, some flu

December 15, 2009 4:09:20 PM PST
Remember: you can't treat a virus with an antibiotic Stomach trouble, colds, viruses-- you name it, it's out there. We checked with a couple of Toledo family physicians, and we found several different bugs are what's going around.

Dr. Todd Francis says he's still seeing some H1N1 virus, but fewer cases than back in October. He says there's also a flu-like virus out there that brings "gastrointestinal symptoms. Really watery diarrhea. Some people are having some vomiting with it, and that's complicating things because of dehydration, that's a big concern with that."

Dr. Francis says some indications of dehydration include: headache, fatigue, a pasty feeling in the mouth, darker urine, excess thirst and dizziness when you stand up.

We asked if there are upper respiratory viruses out there? Dr. Francis says, "Always. We're going see them especially with the holiday season, people going to parties, families getting close together. They just seem to turn it up a notch."

Dr. Francis says the viruses out there can bring a high fever to 103, and can last a couple days. They don't respond to antibiotics because they're viral, not bacterial. That means only supportive care.

Dr. George Darah in the same practice says he's seeing upper respiratory viruses, some flu symptoms, and some sinus infections. Both doctors stress good handwashing as we head into the holiday party season.

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