Mission Possible: Helping in Haiti

January 20, 2010 3:42:49 PM PST
Findlay organization ready to go back, despite the devastation A team from a local mission to Haiti is back home after a week amidst the chaos and incredible devastation.

Mission Possible is a Findlay-based organization that's been helping the people of Haiti for decades. We talked with some of the team members today about seeing the horror first-hand .

Members of the Mission Possible team are grateful to be home but many of them are also anxious to go back and help any way they can.

They say the images of desperation and suffering they saw will stay with them forever. The Mission Possible team was working at one of the organization's six schools in Haiti when the earthquake hit. They were about 40 miles outside the epicenter in Port-au-Prince.

The group took many pictures capturing the haunting images of the aftermath but Julie Bishop says she hasn't been able to watch the horror unfold on televsion. "We are wiped out with the emotion of being there and getting out. We have to get stronger and feel ready to see what happened to the country and the people we love so much."

The Mission Possible team is now working in Findlay to help the people they love. They are sending out thousands of letters asking for help with their work.

Nancy Rook is a nurse who answered the call for help. She was on her second trip to Haiti. She vividly remembers a trip to one of the hospitals. "You would think people would be there screaming and there would be major chaos. Actually they were very orderly. They were just laying there waiting for someone to come help them."

Nancy and Julie don't hesitate when asked if they plan to go back to help. "The people have soft hearts and a long haul. We're in for the long haul, too."

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