2 women, baby survive house explosion in Continental

February 16, 2011 9:00:00 PM PST
A newlywed couple just moved into a new home with a baby on the way and their lives took a sudden, unpredictable turn. Their house exploded. It happened Sunday night in the Village of Continental on the northern edge of Putnam County -- south of Defiance.

Two women and a third survivor, who's only four days old, are recovering tonight. Logan James Nicholson was delivered by emergency C-Section after an emergency no one saw coming.

"And I guess the whole room just went up, just exploded right then," says Joe Nicholson.

Joe Nicholson explains his wife, Destiny, 18, was inside the house in Continental Sunday night. She was with Joe's mom hanging up pictures.

Destiny and Joe, who married in September, had just closed on the house days before. Destiny was 9 months pregnant.

Sunday night, Joe says his wife smelled a propane gas leak moments before their new home burst into flames. "My wife's burns are pretty serious. Her face is burned, and her arms are burned," says Joe.

The two women ran out opposite ends of the house diving into the snow. "First thing she did when she went out there, apparently, she lifted up her shirt to look at her belly. And it wasn't burned at all," says Joe.

Joe, 18, just started a job at John's Mansville. He was there when he got the call. His wife and mother were being taken by Life Flight to an area hospital. They would spend the next few days starting the road to a lengthy recovery.

Destiny is still a senior at Continental High School. According to her mom, one of Destiny's goals is to be able to walk during her graduation ceremony this spring. Destiny's mother, Julie Prowant, says, "She's improving day by day. She was walking and it was just like her walking when she was 10 months old. It was just baby steps."

Baby steps may be just what the doctor ordered. Logan James Nicholson came along hours after the explosion by way of emergency C-Section and is healthy.

Joe is determined to help his young family through this accident one day at a time. The family does have homeowners insurance, but you can help with a donation at any Huntington Bank. You can also follow their progress on a blog -- djl.bbnow.org

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