3 tips for curing your credit card hangover

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ABC11's Tisha Powell has tips on getting your finances back on track.

With the credit card bills coming, are you suffering from a credit card hangover?

Here are some ways to get your finances back on track:

Check Your Credit Score
At the beginning of the year, it's a great time to check your scores, and there are two free ways to do it:

By checking your credit score, you know exactly where you stand. It's also a great source to check for any fraudulent activity.

Start Paying Off Your Cards
Which one should you pay first? There's a theory, and it goes like this: Pay off the debt on the card with the highest interest rate first.

In the long run, experts say you'll save money if you follow this rule.

But, others, like expert Dave Ramsay, say you should pay off the card with the smallest amount. That way, it keeps you motivated to keep going until you are debt free.

Max Out Your 401k
Experts say you should always do this, unless you have no personal savings or big debts to pay with high interest rates.

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