Tips for getting kids back on a school sleep schedule

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Tips for getting kids on a school sleep schedule

Returning to a sleep schedule after a summer of play and sleeping in may be a daunting task for some parents of school-age kids.

Leigh Hines is the woman behind the Hines-Sight Blog and Raleigh mom to two: a daughter starting second grade and a son starting sixth.

"We are unfortunately a lazy family - lazy sleep summers," said Hines "It's going to be a big adjustment for us as we get back to school. It's going to be a rough first week."

This year, Hines says her kids are on opposite back to school schedules.

"My son's going to have to be at school at 7:30 in the morning, my daughter there at 9:15," she explained.

Dr. Michael Steiner at UNC Children's says that the key to a solid back to school sleep cycle is following the four B's: "Brush, bath, book, and bed." A consistency will allow kids to fall asleep easier.

Steiner also recommends implementing slow changes in the weeks before the first day back.

Another tip? Limiting screen time. Hines says her two kids don't have televisions in their rooms.

Dr. Steiner says it's important for kids to get enough sleep. He recommends that school aged children get around ten hours per night, while teens need at least nine.
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