Dishwasher a big headache for Raleigh woman

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The dishwasher leaked for weeks.

A leaky dishwasher caused big problems for Raleigh homeowner Linda Chavis. She first noticed the problem in November of 2016. She would always run her dishwasher at night, and when she came downstairs one morning she saw the water in her kitchen and dining room.

Linda Chavis

"I noticed the floor was wet on this side of the carpet," she said.

Linda called the manufacturer Samsung.

"They said they would take care of it, but it took from November to January just to get a technician out here," she said.

When a technician did come out to her home, she says the leak was not easy to find.

"He came four times, and it took four times to even find it. Come to find out on the fourth trip he discovered it wasn't during the wash cycle, it was during the dry cycle," she recalled.

The dishwasher was eventually fixed, but since the leak wasn't caught right away, the water damage and the cleanup was expensive. Linda had estimates for more than $2500. She filed a claim with Samsung.

"Even though they said they would take care of it, they said they had to escalate it to the insurance company, but they acted like they didn't know the name, the number, nothing," she said.

Linda paid out of pocket to have her kitchen put back together and all of the water damage remediated. After two months and no answers from Samsung, Linda was frustrated and got me involved. I got her complaint off to Samsung, and a rep got in touch with her and addressed her concerns. Samsung compensated Linda for the damages the leaking dishwasher caused and took care of the repairs to get her kitchen back together. Linda is very satisfied and says she's glad it got worked out.

A rep with Samsung provided this statement:
"At Samsung, customer satisfaction is core to our business and we aim to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. We regret the experience that Ms. Chavis had, which is very unusual among the many customers we support daily. In her case, a processing error occurred which caused a delay. We have followed up with her and resolved the matter to her satisfaction. We encourage any Samsung consumers who have questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG."
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