Raleigh shop owner still owes money after store closes

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A Raleigh woman spoke to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson about money she owed after her business closed (WTVD)

"Where's my money?"

That's the question several consignors of Passage Consignment have been asking. The shop closed in December, and the owner Emily Fallin promised consignors they would have what's owed to them.

Click here to read Fallin's email to consignors

I first told you about this problem on Dec. 22.

Consignors showed up to get their checks, but no one was at the store. It was completely empty. Fallin was nowhere to be found, despite a note on the door stating the store's holiday hours and that they were open. Instead, we found a list of consignors who wanted to be paid. Passage Consignment's phone did not work, and emails to Passage came back as undelivered.

Fallin has said checks were mailed out by Dec. 31, but so far we've heard from consignors who still haven't been paid.

After several attempts, Fallin finally agreed to sit down and talk with me.

"I completely understand the frustrations," Fallin said. "I had some life interruptions that came into play and it got pushed back a little bit."

What got pushed back, Fallin says, are the payments to consignors. She said she had every intention of paying consignors on time, but it just didn't happen when she hit several roadblocks.

She said the lease was not renewed on Passage Consignment, and that's why she closed it down. She said she always had plans to open a smaller consignment shop.

As for why the lack of communication with consignors about the delay in payments?

"I didn't want to issue another email or issue another statement until I had a clear answer of exactly what my plan of action would be," Fallin explained.

Fallin now has that plan and says consignors should be getting their money.

"I have written over $12,000 in payouts in cash or checks to consignors, and the remaining checks I do have will be written as soon as possible," Fallin said. "I say no later than the end of the week."

As for all the items that were in the store, she says everything was sold to another business starting a consignment.

"They purchased all store fixtures, computers, counters, and all remaining merchandise," Fallin said. "That will be reflected in all of the consignor's checks."

Fallin is now getting ready to open her new store, which will be located in Raleigh in the Five Points area at 2002 Fairview Road. It will be called Icon Raleigh.

"It will bring the same software and database as Passage Consignment. Feb. 1, we will be at the store accepting consignment, and people can receive their money that way too."

Fallin now has a new working email where you can contact her if you are owed money. That email is Iconraleigh@gmail.com.

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