Woman says 40/440 construction damaged her car

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A woman says the 40/440 construction zone damaged her car (WTVD)

A Raleigh woman says debris from the 40/440 construction zone damaged her car, costing her hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Michelle Koch does not typically drive through the work zone on 1-440 near Lake Wheeler Rd., but last Wednesday heavy traffic changed up her morning route.

"I heard this loud pang. I thought it was a gunshot," she said.

Koch said a stone hit her windshield causing a large crack on the passenger side of her brand new smart car.

"I barely missed a second stone, so you could obviously tell from the stones on the street, the gravel, the trash lying out to the side and just all of the rocks that are lying in between the barrier of the two lanes," said Koch.

A spokesman for NCDOT said the agency is unaware of any gravel issues in the 40/440 construction zone.

"Even though there's gravel on the road doesn't mean it has anything to do with the project," said NCDOT communications manager Steve Abbott.

Anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation must file a claim with the agency's local office.


Once the claim is reviewed it goes to the contractor's insurance company to determine if the damage was related to the construction project.

Koch said she just wants the problem fixed.

"I don't think I should pay for it. It was not my fault," she said.

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