Raleigh man collects thousands of socks for homeless

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A man has collected thousands of donated socks for the homeless (WTVD)

Socks are among the items most needed by the homeless and among the least donated.

That's why Raleigh resident Adam Grossman made it his mission to collect as many socks as possible for those who need them the most during these bitter-cold winter months.

Grossman took the sock campaign, started by TITLE Boxing Club Cary, to a whole new level by collecting 12,000 pairs of socks. Grossman, a broker for Fathom Realty's Grossman Group, reached out to his contacts and posted catchy videos on his Facebook page asking friends to help.

"I immediately became obsessed with donating as many pairs as possible," Grossman said in one of his videos.

Friends responded to his high-energy style and passion to help others by donating funds.

Grossman then purchased the socks himself at Dollar Tree.

"It makes me feel fantastic to help anyone, but especially since it's gotten so cold lately," Grossman explained. "The socks are definitely gonna be necessary... Unfortunately a lot of people are cold this time of year."

They far exceeded the original goal to collect 1,000 pairs of socks.

"When it was all said and done, we had gotten well over 12,000 pairs of socks. And members of the gym, they brought in another thousand or so, so it was well over 13,000 pairs of socks at the end of the day," Grossman said.

Ryan McGee, the General Manager of TITLE Boxing Club Cary, says they'll be doing more charity work this year for veterans. As for the Raleigh Rescue Mission, they're always accepting donations.

For more information:
  • www.raleighrescue.org

  • http://cary-renaissance.titleboxingclub.com/about/

  • http://www.adamdoesdeals.com/grossman-group/

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