Police look for suspects in series of Raleigh home break-ins

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Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from 3 Raleigh homes. (WTVD)

Raleigh police are looking for suspects in a series of home break-ins in north Raleigh where thousands of dollars in electronics and jewelry were stolen.

The break-ins happened on Tuesday and Wednesday at homes on Copper Mine Lane, Prospector Place and Cart Track Trail. All the crimes occurred in the middle of the day when no one was home.

"It can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace, any neighborhood," said Joi Harrison-Turner, a mother of two.

She said when she and her daughter got home on Tuesday they noticed right away that things were not as they had left them.

"When I walked in, the front coat closet was open and everything was hanging out of it," said Harrison-Turner.

Her daughter found the rest of the mess left behind and they realized someone had broken in and taken two computers, clothing, engraved jewelry, as well as a hidden emergency fund. But what they couldn't seem to get away with was the television.

"They tried to steal the TV but evidentially they either didn't have enough hands or enough people to carry things. We found it on the back patio," said Harrison-Turner.

The same thing happened at Jim Ranieri's home on Wednesday when he said thieves broke into his home using an ax to break a window.

"The TV I guess they got it out of the house and realized they couldn't make it down the street, so they actually stashed the television in the bushes," said Ranieri.

From his home, thieves took a purse, an iPad, and a camera. But he said police actually found everything but the iPad in a stolen car off Capital Boulevard.

Nothing found in that car though belonged to Robert Quinn. His home was broken into as well, and not only was his girlfriend's jewelry stolen, but also some cherished family items.

"A pocket watch my great-grandfather had passed down through the line from the early 1900's and the other was a gold pinky ring that had my father's initials on it," said Quinn.

He said everything else is replaceable but he was really upset to find out those items had been stolen. He was also surprised to learn anyone was able to break into his home with four dogs inside.

"That's still the mystery because one of them is a guard dog by breed and I have no idea how they could have gotten past her," said Quinn.

His only guess was that maybe he knows whoever broke in. When he brought that up to police he said they believe it might be some younger kids breaking into homes.

Still while they track down suspects, neighbors say they've noticed police have beefed up patrols in the area.

"Since this happened I have seen multiple police officers in and around, on this street, on Sawmill on surrounding streets," said Harrison-Turner.

If you know anything about these crimes call the Raleigh Police Department or CrimeStoppers at (919) 834-HELP.

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