How to Build a Film Canister Rocket

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This experiment is guaranteed to be a blast! Follow along with ABC11 Science Club with BASF and discover how to use a few simple items to create a flying rocket! Adult supervision and safety goggles required.

Objective: To demonstrate what occurs when air pressure is in a sealed environment.

So, how does this experiment work? The water dissolves the Alka Seltzer in the sealed canister, producing carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide builds up inside the canister, creating pressure. As the pressure builds, it forces the canister off the lid off and the canister bursts up.

Click here to download a PDF of the instructions to print and recreate at home!

You can experiment further at home by varying the amount of water and Alka Seltzer you use. Track the impact on the canister burst and let us know: Does having a dry lid/canister seal have an impact?

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