Chatham County woman says contractor skipped on home for pigs

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Rescue pigs from a local shelter (WTVD)

When you have pets, you want to protect them. One couple tried to do just that, but ended up out of money and patience.

Heather Woodie and her wife saved five potbelly pigs from a local shelter.

"They had a euthanasia date of Wednesday," Heather said. "Nobody was stepping up to save the pigs, so we were like we have all of this land maybe we could help them."

But they needed a new fence for their yard before the pigs could enjoy their new home.

"This is the only fence. It protects her from the dogs and this is how easy it is for them to pull it and jump the fence," she said. "Dogs and pigs are not friends."

Heather went on Thumbtack, an app where you put in a job and get quotes, and she quickly found SHS Home Services. She texted back and forth with the owner Marshall Adam Spears.

Marshall Adam Spears

"He came in with the lowest quote, and he said he had exactly what I needed and he gave us a much lower quote than everyone else," Heather said.

Heather paid Spears half down, $1,375, to get started. But after paying the money, she said no work was done. Instead, she said Spears just gave her excuses.

"First day it was his wife had just gotten out of the hospital. The second day it was a car accident. The third day it was that he had a minor fender bender," Heather said.

Spears kept texting Heather.

"'I'm so sorry, I would never mean to make you nervous. I'm excited about getting it done and helping out a few farm animals, you just have to name one of the little piglets after me,'" Heather said.

Spears never showed and Heather got the police involved, but still no work or money returned.

"One of our friends said you should contact Diane Wilson the Troubleshooter and maybe she can help you get your money back," Heather said.

I got in touch with Spears and Heather got her $1,375 back.

"I absolutely think it helped getting you involved. He was giving the cop the run around for a couple of days before you called. As soon as you called, it changed everything and the money came into my account the next morning," Heather said.

After Heather's complaint, I heard from others in Buncombe County who hired Marshall Adam Spears to do work, and they say he didn't do it. Spears is facing charges related to taking money but not completing the jobs.


Remember, research who you hire. Just because they come in at the lowest price doesn't mean they are the best.

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