Raleigh puts off 'dangerous dogs' ordinance

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The vote has been put off until March (WTVD)

The Raleigh City Council has put off a vote on changes to how the city classifies a dog as "dangerous." The issue was tabled at a meeting last month. Now, it's been put off again until March after the city attorney Tuesday said more research is needed and council members raised questions.

The proposed ordinance would define a dangerous dog as one that has bitten either a dog or a person. It would also allow animal control officers greater authority to pick up dangerous dogs.

Plus, the ordinance would require owners of dangerous dogs to use muzzles while walking their dogs, and make other changes.

Some citizens have inquired through council members if dogs could get a chance at rehabilitation before being put down.

"It makes some sense that we might want to include a provision like that," says Raleigh City Attorney Tom McCormick. "I can certainly work with some local veterinarians perhaps to see what sort of psychological help is available for these, these dogs, if any."

McCormick says he will also look into requiring child proof locks on enclosures for dangerous dogs.

Other cities in the United States have gone a step further and outlawed certain types of dogs, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers.

Raleigh's new ordinance would stop short of any bans.

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