How to Measure Air Pressure with a Balloon

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This experiment uses simple items, such as a balloon and a glass jar, to make an innovative tool. Follow along with ABC11 Science Club with BASF and discover how to make and use a barometer to measure air pressure! Adult supervision and safety goggles required.

Objective: To measure changes in air pressure with a homemade barometer.

How It Works: The needle is changing height because air is trapped in the jar. When air pressure is decreasing outside the jar, the balloon pushes out and the needle goes down. When air pressure is increasing outside the jar, the balloon is pushed in and the needle goes up. This helps us know the air pressure and better understand and predict weather changes.

Click here to download a PDF of the instructions to print and recreate at home!

Find us at to share photos and videos of your balloon barometer! Also, be sure to tune in to ABC11 Science Club with BASF every Wednesday at 4:28 PM!

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