Four protesters arrested at UNC Board of Governors meeting

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Protesters broke out in chants and displayed signs during the UNC Board of Governors meeting Tuesday

Four protesters were arrested Tuesday during a UNC Board of Governors meeting.

More than a dozen people broke out in chants and displayed signs calling for the removal of UNC System President-elect Margaret Spelling.

The disruptions prompted board members to recess. Protesters then approached the seats vacated by board members chanting, "Stand up, fight back, the (UNC) System in under attack," as UNC Campus Police officers entered the room.

"Suddenly, I almost missed it, but really, really fast, this stream of cops came through the door and started grabbing people randomly," UNC Chapel Hill sophomore Mitch Xia said.

Four protesters were charged with resisting an officer and disrupting an official meeting. It is unclear if they were all students.

"I think the behavior, the response of the officers here was completely dictated by the behavior of the protesters today," UNC Police Chief Jeff McCracken said. "We hate that we had to take any action, but that was their choice."

Tuesday's demonstration stems from critics' worry that Spellings will push the UNC System in another direction.

Students and school officials have been vocal about Spellings since her appointment last October.

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In December, a large crowd of protesters interrupted another UNC Board of Governors meeting to vocalize their concern with Spellings.

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The former Bush aide will lead the 17-campus University of North Carolina system starting in March.

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