Hillsborough students suspended for water-balloon fight

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A water balloon fight led to some students getting punished, and even suspended from school

Several students were suspended from Cedar Ridge High school after a water-balloon fight that some call a senior prank.

Students said the prank was meant to be in good fun. Now some of them are worried about what it could mean for their future.

Multiple students were given in-school and out-of-school suspension after a water-balloon fight inside Cedar Ridge High School's cafeteria.

The students say the school's principal made an announcement before lunch warning the students that suspension would be a consequence.

They told ABC11 that they planned to take their prank outside, but school officials locked the doors.

"It was like a fun prank," student Kenia Sanchez said. "It was going to be outside so like no one was going to get hurt, but then I don't know it was just like the teachers just started acting crazy."

Some parents say the suspensions went too far.

One Cedar Ridge parent, whose child is not part of the suspensions, said in an email they're "shocked" at the principal's "poor judgment."

Seth Stephens, a spokesperson for Orange County Public Schools said their focus is on making sure the school environment is safe and non-disruptive.

Betzi Mendoza said she received five days of suspension during exams and thinks the punishment is unfair because she had to make up her exams back to back.

"They made me do my exams all in one day; it was three exams, nonstop. It was just one after another one," Mendoza said.

One of the suspended students, Maricarmen Lopez, said she decided against throwing water balloons after the principal's announcement, and feels unfairly punished after receiving in-school suspension.

"I got caught with them on me, because after she said that I said 'well, ok I'm not gonna throw them, right? I don't want to get suspended. I already got accepted into college. I don't want to risk that.' "

Lopez said she has been accepted to UNC Greensboro and worries about what the suspension will mean for her admission.

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