Mark Armstrong Super Bowl Blog: The ABC11 team arrives

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The Panthers arrived in California Sunday for Super Bowl 50 (WTVD)

Hello from San Jose! This blog will keep you up to date with the daily sights and sounds of Super Bowl week.

I'd certainly encourage you to follow along on Facebook and Twitter as well (@ArmstrongABC11 @JoeMazurABC11 and @GameDayCharlie). We're currently at the airport waiting for the Broncos and Panthers team planes to arrive. Security is tight. All our gear was set apart and sniffed quite thoroughly by a K-9 unit. He seemed especially interested in sports photog extraordinaire Charlie Mickens meatball sub.

The meatball sub was not confiscated

It's great seeing old friends - so it was all smiles when former ABC11 buddy Fred Shropshire showed up -- he now works for NBC in Charlotte.

TV buddies for life

I'm probably most excited to see Cam's pants in person. I was told the minute pictures of him surfaced this morning in Charlotte, the Versace pants he's wearing sold out. At just $850 a pair, a bargain at twice the price. Provided you've got the kind of self confidence (and the physique) to pull such a look off. I'll stick with jeans for the time being.

We arrived yesterday - the stadium is about 2 miles from our hotel. For my money, 'Keep Pounding' wins the motto war in a first round KO over 'United in Orange'. I mean, if the Broncos are so united in orange, why did they opt to wear white uniforms? Amirite?

May the best motto win

The Panthers arrived shortly after 4 p.m. Pacific time. Unlike the Panthers - no team logo on the plane. Mike Rucker was on hand to give them their official Super Bowl hats.

It was comical for awhile as the ground crew struggled to get the mobile staircases lined up with the exit doors. Eventually though - they made it happen. I half thought Cam may have orchestrated an outfit change midflight but nope, the now famous pants (tights?) were still on.

You won't be surprised at the fact that Cam let out a primal yell as he appeared at the top of the staircase. His next order of business? Photobombing Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen and Derek Anderson.

Cam 'The Photobomb' Newton

Our first chance to talk to the players arrives Monday night. Media Day is now 'Opening Night.' The Panthers hit the mics at 10 p.m. eastern.

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