Duke vs. UNC: Who has the prettier campus?

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Both Duke and UNC are ranked among the prettiest campuses in the nation by one travel publication.

Basketball isn't the only rivalry on Tobacco Road after Conde Nast Traveler named Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill among the 20 most beautiful universities in America.

Duke University is ranked as fifth most beautiful school while UNC comes in at 12th.

Opinions vary, depending on whom you ask.

"Whoever thinks Duke is more beautiful has never actually been to both of these campuses," UNC undergraduate Grayson Sotir said. "UNC has got to be the most beautiful campus in the United States."

"Well, I think that Duke is just this majestic, Gothic castle," Duke undergraduate Craig Kinney, said. "I mean, we basically go to Hogwarts, and if you look at the chapel and the turrets around us, it just feels like we are in history."

Conde Nast Traveler mentions Duke's Gothic buildings, towering Chapel and expansive garden as reasons for its No. 5 rank.

Botanical gardens, a flowering campus, and a tolling-bell tower all help put UNC at No. 12.

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