Simple ways to kickstart your savings in 2016

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Simple ways to save in 2016 (WTVD)

If saving more money or paying down debt is a goal for 2016, financial and consumer expert Andrea Woroch says the first step is to start with a good look at your monthly bills.

"First of all, look at your monthly bill," Woroch said. "Begin by looking at what you're paying every month. Whether it's your mortgage and rent, cable plan, your data on your cell phone bill, your internet charges, and then any monthly subscriptions you didn't even realize you're paying for, perhaps trial, and you didn't realize you're still paying 5 or 10 months later," Woroch said.

Woroch says cutting back on monthly bills can go a long way to increasing your monthly budget.

"Look through the bills and figure out which ones you can cut back," she said.

"Also, start negotiating on other bills, for instance you can call your cable provider and ask them if there are any new promotions you can qualify for,"
Woroch added. "I call them every six months."

Late fees should also be highlighted and addressed according to Woroch. She advises putting bills on auto-pay to avoid late fees.

Woroch also says using tools like Trim can help find areas to improve.

"Trim is a tool that reviews your credit card and bank statements for you and then it will email you all the different monthly subscriptions you have," Woroch said.
"It will then help you cancel those so it kind of takes the effort away from you."

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