Durham deputy hailed as a hero after Highway 70 rescue

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A deputy is hailed as a hero.

A deputy is being hailed as a hero by an eyewitness, after rescuing a man trapped in wrecked dump truck on Highway 70.

Michael Jones said he barely missed getting hit by a speeding driver on the highway, but a nearby dump truck wasn't so lucky.

"The truck actually slid sideways, went back, fishtailed straight into the guard rail, and it flipped over four times," Jones said. "When the dump truck finally came to a halt, the wheels were still turning, and I mean I didn't think the guy had made it, honestly. I really didn't."

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Jones says he and other Good Samaritans tried to open the door to the truck, but it was wedged shut.

"Another group of guys that run across the street with pry bars to help," Jones said, and that's when Deputy Trey "John" Flamion of the Durham County Sheriff's Office showed up.

Flamion said he traveling west on the highway when saw the wreck on the eastbound lanes, pulled over and jumped the guardrail to help.

Flamion said the driver's leg was trapped, under a crushed steering wheel. Jones said the truck was leaking gasoline and covered in shards of glass when the deputy pulled the driver out.

"He climb through glass. He didn't know what he was climbing into," Jones said. "That truck could've exploded. He had no fear nothing, whatsoever, and when you think about law-enforcement, that's what you should think about. Not that they're out to get you or cause you trouble or anything"

"That man is a genuine hero, and everybody should know it," Jones said.

"I personally don't consider myself a hero," Flamion said. "I consider all the bystanders that were out there - specially the gentleman who was taking action prior to us getting there. He, in my opinion, is the one that needs to be labeled a hero.

"A guy that actually took the front windshield out of his truck. I believe that if we hadn't shown up when we did, he would've continued to get this man out of the truck," Flamion said.

Despite, the deputy's modesty, Jones said it's a shining example of bravery on the force and the good will of others.

"It just makes you feel good as a human being when everyone comes together like that to help someone, regardless of creed, ethnic background or you know what have you. It just ... that was amazing," Jones said.

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