Krzyzewskiville turns 30, going as strong as ever

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The Blue Devil tradition of camping out for tickets to the Duke vs. UNC Chapel Hill game at Cameron Indoor Stadium turns 30 years old this basketball season.

Line monitors blare sirens from a bullhorn when it's time for random tent checks; at least one student from each tent must show up whenever there's a tent-check. The rules vary depending on how close it is to game time but someone is supposed to be watching the tent at all times.

Check out all the official K-Ville tenting rules here.

"Each tent gets one miss and they're OK, and with their second miss they're bumped to the end of the line," head line monitor and Duke University student Will Bobrinskoy said.

It's a tradition that dates to 1986 and speaks to the level of fandom for the Duke-UNC rivalry.

One group of tenters, who named their tent "Das Boot," have taken the tradition up a notch. Their group of friends has been tenting together for four years. The tent is named after the original tent's shape and the team has outfitted its tent with a mailbox, reclining couches, and insulation. The tent event has its own Instagram account.

"We wanted to emulate the American dream, that's why we have the white picket fence and a nice mailbox," Das Boot team-member Gerardo Parraga said.

Parraga is a sophomore at Duke and it's his first time camping out for the big game, but he couldn't be more excited despite all the effort it takes him and his team to make tent-checks.

"I mean yeah, it does get cold and times are hard, and running between class, between meetings and coming here is all very difficult but it's so worth it," Parraga said. "It's like a childhood dream come true - building a fort and tenting out with 23 of your best friends so it's actually something that's well worth it."

Check out the Das Boot Instagram page here.

Bobrinskoy is a senior. He tells us he camped out his freshmen year and has been a line-monitor every year since. For him, upholding the K-Ville tradition is a huge part of love for the game.

"Line monitors have a strong reputation of being really committed fans and that's something I really wanted to be a part of," Bobrinskoy said.

"When I think back to all three of my years so far at Duke, basketball games are at the top of the best memories I have," he said.

Parraga is looking forward to the same sort of fond Blue Devil hoops memories when they take on the Tar Heels on March 5.

"It should be awesome seats, a really good time, we're all going to paint each other, going to be all decked out in blue, and hopefully going to be the loudest crowd there," Parraga said.

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