How to Create a Homopolar Motor

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Did you know you can create a real, working motor at home? This experiment uses a few simple items to create an electromagnetic field. Follow along here with ABC11 Science Club with BASF and discover how to make a homopolar motor at home! Adult supervision and safety goggles required.

What is a homopolar motor?

Homopolar motors have two magnetic poles used to create a magnetic field, which also help to generate rotational movement. They are called homopolar motors because the polarity of the magnetic field produced by the conductor and the magnets does not change.

In this experiment, the battery is passing electricity through the wire which is in contact with the magnets creating an electromagnetic field. This field tends to move in one direction, keeping the wire spinning.

Click here to download a PDF of the instructions to print and recreate at home!

Find us at to share photos and videos of your homopolar motor! Also, be sure to tune in to ABC11 Science Club with BASF every Wednesday at 4:28 PM!

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