After the storm, 'lucky' Durham residents begin cleanup

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Durham residents clean up after the storm.

Cleanup is underway in parts of Durham where strong winds snapped trees onto cars and homes.

Neighbors in the Tanglewood neighborhood off Trevor Circle have been working all day. Chainsaws and tree-grinding machines added to the sound of cleanup Thursday.

Christine McIntyre is like many of her neighbors removing debris after surviving the storm. Nearby, trees were toppled and a power line was ripped down.

"When I saw the wind and everything just gray out - that's when I started running down the hall into the bathroom," McIntyre said.

Right behind her were her dogs Max and Louie. "We're very lucky," she said.

Susan Dodd also took cover. She hid in a closet with some animal crackers and her dogs. When the storm blew away, she found her car smashed by a tree.

"I always wanted a convertible," Dodd joked. "It's just a material value. You can get another car. But life, you can't."

Justin Faerber and his family's life and home were spared. No significant damage. But he is concerned about two trees that have been snapped and uprooted, and also leaning toward his home.

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"Trying to stay calm about it but it's worrying," Faerber said. He stayed home from work to call his insurer to get the trees removed.

There were no major injuries to report in the area.

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