Traffic headaches for residents after Tryon Road opens

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Residents say the traffic noise is keeping them up at night (WTVD)

Advocates have been pushing the Department of Transportation for years to make improvements to Tryon Road by Highway 401. The sharp curves in the road created dangerous driving conditions. The upgrades are being made now, but people who live nearby say it's creating a host of other headaches.

"It's been really, really noisy, lot of traffic," said resident Ken Gregory. "A major route right here."

The improvements are being made near the Renaissance Park Neighborhood.

The project includes realigning part of the current Tryon Road route to go through the Renaissance Park development from U.S. 70/401/N.C. 50, as well as replacing the bridge over Norfolk Southern Railway.

DOT started the work last March and opened the road on Saturday.

Residents say the traffic is keeping them up at night. Cars, trucks, and big rigs are barreling behind people's backyards.

Gregory says he would have never bought his house if he knew how loud it would be now.

"Sometimes it's 3 o'clock in the morning and you just start hearing that [traffic]," said Gregory.

The DOT says when folks moved into the housing developments, they signed documents acknowledging the road would eventually be built.

"We knew it was coming. We had no idea it was going to be so close to the fence," said resident Bill Hatcher.

It didn't seem like a problem eight years ago when Hatcher moved in. There were woods behind his property and he figure some trees would stay up. But the trees were cleared to make way for the road.

"I don't like the lack of privacy," said Hatcher. "We have met with the city council members and they've been very understanding. We don't have a whole lot of relief coming that we know of."

The DOT says there are no plans to build sound barriers right now.

Residents say they're in a position now where they will just have to learn to deal with the problem.

"I'll get used to it eventually," said Gregory.

"We'll learn to live with roar," said Hatcher.

The DOT is in the process of finishing up construction. The project is expected to be done September 2017.

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