Zebulon woman's funds locked in prepaid credit card

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A woman says she was denied access to her funds on her prepaid credit card (WTVD)

Prepaid credit cards are popular for many people, as there's no credit check and no minimum balance. You just load the money and use it when you want.

Geraldine Brown thought a RushCard would work for her, but when she forgot an important number, she had trouble getting her cash.

Geraldine got a RushCard by using her daughter, Chinica Brown's address. Geraldine says she couldn't use her own address because she only has a P.O. Box. She said in order to get a RushCard, you must have a physical address.

Geraldine said she used the RushCard for several months without a problem.

Geraldine said she had $177.00 on the card, but when she went to use it one day, she couldn't remember her pin number.

When Geraldine tried to reset her pin, the account was blocked. When she called RushCard, she said she was told she would have to submit several documents, including her social security card, to RushCard.

Geraldine's daughter Chinica tried to help her mom.

"I said 'social security card? Who emails or faxes in a security card?' That is ridiculous."

The Browns said they were not comfortable submitting their social security cards, so they could not access the RushCard account.

The Browns got in touch with me, and I reached out to RushCard. The Browns heard from a representative from RushCard and finally had access to Geraldine's $177.00.

"My mom was so overjoyed," Chinica said.

A representative with RushCard said the delay in Geraldine having access to the funds was due to several security measures they have in place to prevent fraud, which includes supplying a social security card. They added these measures are in place to protect their customers.

The best advice when dealing with these types of cards, keep documentation of everything you load onto the card, including your pin number.

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