Remember viral 'Target kid?' We check in, a year later

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Checking in on a young man a year later who went to Target to buy a tie.

You probably remember the photo, and the story.

Local Target employees helping a teenager tie a tie before a job interview.

ABC11 gets asked a lot, whatever happened to the Target kid ... did he ever get that job?

ORIGINAL STORY: Target employees help young man tie his tie, prep for job interview

Yes, he did. A year later after the image became an Internet sensation, ABC11 set out to check on him.

Nearly every time he works, someone asks "are you the little guy from Target?"

"Everybody's always asking, does the young man from Target still work with you?" said Chick-Fil-A owner/operator Donovan Carless.

"I'm like, that was a year ago," said Yasir Moore, the Target teen. "I'm surprised people still remember that."

ABC11 first met Yasir after the picture of him went viral: Target employees helping him tie a tie. But they did more than that- they prepped him for the interview at Chick-fil-A.

Target employees told him to make sure to look the interviewer in the eye and give him a firm handshake. And they tucked in his shirt.

He got the job, and for the past year, he's been building confidence; even doing better in school.

"I'm just thankful for having a job at a young age, having the work experience and to hopefully I should be able to know what I'm doing when I get older, and go to college," Yasir said. "College is just around the corner."

After meeting him a year later, we can really see a difference in him. So can his boss.

"Yasir has grown tremendously since Day 1," Carless said. "He was a little quiet ... but he's opened up now, great smile. He's doing an awesome job with us."

Those Target employees still come by for lunch -- and to check on him.

"If it wasn't for people at Target who helped me with my job interview or Miss Audrey, none of this would have happened," Yasir said.

Yasir's mom, Najirah Parrish, and Audrey Marks, who snapped that picture of Yasir in the first place, have become friends, too.

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