Morrisville party destination shuts down without notice

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A popular party venue in Morrisville closed permanently without notice (WTVD)

Birthday parties are so special for kids, but one was almost ruined after a party venue shut down with no notice.

Everything was set for the birthday party Kendra Hargrave was throwing for her six year old. The guests would arrive, at 5:30 the party would begin, and within minutes, twenty-five children would be swinging and jumping and running around Morrisville's popular indoor party destination Playnation.

Kendra Hargrave's daughter

Instead, an hour before the party was set to begin, Hargrave found the place closed down - permanently.

"My daughter's aunt came early to the party, about an hour early, and she said there's no one here and they have a closed sign up and there's no action at all," said Hargrave.

Playnation, located on Dominion Drive, opened in 2009. It offered a mix of inflatable and wooden playsets, trampolines, and party areas, making the business an attractive locale for birthday parties and open play.

The business recently closed its doors with no notice. Parents like Hargrave who had already booked events said they were not contacted about the closing.

Hargrave said she tried to reach the owner on his cell phone as well, but her call was never returned.

I also reached out to the owner via phone and email, but no one has responded.

What's more, parties at Playnation require a $100 deposit - and parents have no indication as to whether their money will be returned or not.

But Hargrave said that's not the most upsetting part.

"It wasn't even about the deposit being paid," she said. "Of course I would love to see that deposit back, but it was about why not just call us and tell us or email us if you didn't want to deal with us directly to tell us that we're not going to be open so then we would have been able to have a backup plan."

Hargrave's quick thinking relocated the party - all twenty-five guests included - to a community park in Morrisville. Her daughter still had a fun time, Hargrave said, but she doesn't want other parents to be stranded like she was.

"I just want to make sure the word gets out that they are closed. If you have a party that is scheduled to be here, please be alert, there is no parties going on at Playnation," Hargrave said.

The best advice always pay deposits with your credit card so you can dispute the charge. If you've paid a deposit to Playnation for a party reservation, dispute the charge with your credit card company right away.

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