Man finds racist graffiti on home near Apex

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A Wake County man spoke to ABC11 after his home was plastered with offensive graffiti (WTVD)

"Illegal Mexican", "Wetback", "You gonna get it" - are just some of the words Jose Ramirez found sprayed on his Apex mobile home.

"I feel bad. I feel sad," he said.

Ramirez has now cleaned up most of the graffiti, but you can still see paint on his window and door. Ramirez filed an incident report with the Wake County Sheriff's Office. Deputies say they are investigating the vandalism but so far, they haven't arrested anybody.

Ramirez said it's possible someone who had a problem with his former roommates painted the graffiti, so he filed a restraining order against that person. But he told ABC11 recent anti-immigrant sentiment has him fearing this could be a hate crime.

"I think the people writing this one because I am Latino. They see me. Everything think all the Latinos are coming illegal, all the Latinos are drug dealers, all the Latinos are bad people," he explained.

Ramirez said he moved here from Mexico nearly 15 years ago for better opportunities. He works in construction, goes to night school, and raises a daughter with his ex.

"I'm working hard here in the United States," he said.

Ramirez says he wants everyone to respect each other's differences.

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