Durham police looking for gunman who fired bullets into home

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Bullets damage Durham homeowner's house and car. (WTVD)

Durham police are looking for the person who fired bullets into a house overnight.

The drive-by shooting happened on Melbourne Street.

"I heard the shots, so I rolled over on the bed because I had been hearing shots all night," said the homeowner, who is a retired city worker.

She did not want to be identified after bullets came through her bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

"When I got up, I went in the bathroom and that's when I realized that the shots had come into my house," she said. "If I had been in there, I wouldn't be here talking to you today, so thank God for that! And I don't know who would do something like this."

The woman lives alone, but cares for her grandchildren, who were not in the home at the time of the shooting.

"Yeah, scary," she said. "I'm still shaking from it. Thank God that nothing happened to me. I'm nervous! I'm fixing to go away for a couple of days, just to calm down a little bit. This is scary. I don't know if they're gonna come back, or what!"

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