Time Warner Cable leaves mess outside Raleigh family's home

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Some of the cables Time Warner left in a Raleigh family's yard (WTVD)

When cable companies are making new installments or adjustments, they have to dig up cables or install new ones. But what happens when they don't clean up their mess? One local family found out the hard way.

David Wegner waited more than 9 months for Time Warner Cable to take care of cables that ran across his driveway and property.

The cables ran right in front of his driveway

"I'm tired, I'm tired of it," he said.

David has had a cable from Time Warner sitting across his driveway and home since last summer.

"We knew that Time Warner was doing their upgrades so we just assumed it was a part of that and they were going to come back around so we let it lie for about maybe even a month or two," David said.

He made several calls to Time Warner Cable.

"A utilities marker was out here, they did all of the spray painting across all the way back to our line, lines over there as well, we thought ok, that's progress, that's good," he said.

Cables from Time Warner laying in David Wegner's yard

But months later the cable is still lying across his yard.

"You can see here that the cable is sheathing, it's nicked here and it's just been ground, that's borderline unsafe, electrical connectors here. The stump itself is now cracked," David said.

With these serious safety concerns, David kept calling Time Warner Cable, and while he says appointments were set, no one ever took care of the cables.

"I don't want to call them anymore and waste my time, I just want someone to fix this," he said.

So he enlisted my help and I got in touch with Time Warner Cable, and within 2 hours of me reaching out to the company, a crew from TWC was at his house.

A truck from TWC came to clean up within ours of the Troubleshooter calling

The cable is gone, and David no longer has any safety concerns. "I'm happy, I'm finally happy. I don't feel embarrassed anymore," David said.

A rep for Time Warner said: "We're very sorry for Mr. Wegner inconvenience. We have remedied the situation and we are working to figure out where the communications breakdown happened so it doesn't happen again."

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