Insurance runaround for Raleigh couple

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A Raleigh couple called Troubleshooter Diane Wilson to help them with an insurance claim (WTVD)

When you have insurance, you expect to be covered when you need it.

A Raleigh couple had dental insurance, but when they went to use it, they were told their insurance couldn't be found. Barbara Holladay needed a new crown put on one of her teeth. While at the dentist, the office staff told Barbara's husband, Harry, they couldn't find their insurance coverage in the system.

"They made a call to Humana, and they weren't able to find the policy," he said.

Harry said when the office staff had no luck he tried talking to Humana.

"I was put on a phone line that says 'please wait, please wait,' and you either wear out or get someone who can't help you," he said. "So I just felt like I wasn't getting anywhere."

Harry says since the dentist office couldn't confirm Barbara had the dental coverage, he had to pay 100 percent of the more than $1,000 bill.

Harry decided to get me involved.

"We called you and you had the magic wand," Harry said.

After I got in touch with Humana, a rep reached out to the Holladays. They were sent a check to reimburse them the money they paid out to the dentist that should have been covered by their insurance. The Holladays said they are very happy their case is now resolved.

Humana worked directly with the Holladays and due to federal privacy laws could not comment on the issue.

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