Local military mom develops playground locator app

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Amy Rowland launched Play Across America to help families get outside

Local military mom Amy Rowland is always on the move. But when she went on road trips, or actually moved from one town to another, she never knew where to take her kids for them to stretch their legs or burn some energy.

Rest areas and fast food restaurants are stressful, Rowland said, because there is so much traffic and activity. Once, she even caught her toddler picking up cigarette butts at a rest stop.

Rowland decided to create an app that helps parents find playgrounds wherever they are in the country. With the Play Across America app, you can log on and get a list of parks within a 10 mile radius of your location.

Each park has pictures, directions, and a list of amenities. The app enables you to look down highway corridors, like I-95 or I-85, if you are on a road trip. If you're at a park you don't see on the app, you can add it yourself on the app.

Rowland hopes parents can use the Play Across America app whenever their little ones need to burn some energy, no matter where they are in the county.

Right now, the app is available for iPhone and iPad devices. The website also allows parents to locate playgrounds without the app. Visit the website here.

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