Teens allegedly had gun near Seventy-First High School

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Four teens are facing charges (WTVD)

Four teens in Cumberland County are accused of having a gun near Seventy-First High School on Friday.

Shammond William Virgil, 18, Jahke Chymis Smith, 17, Trevon Daquwn Lance, 18, and Michael Lyndell Cannery, 18, also face drug charges.

Three of the four are students at other high schools in Cumberland County. All face felony charges for having an illegal weapon on school grounds.

Friday, a sheriff's deputy saw the teens in a car parked on the Seventy-First campus. When the deputy approached the car, it sped away.

A police officer then stopped and searched the car finding marijuana and a .25 caliber handgun.

Fayetteville police have been called to the Seventy-First campus several times in recent weeks. There has been social media chatter about rumors of an attack, but at this point, authorities say they there is no strong evidence that these four teens were planning anything like that.

There has been extra security on campus to calm fears.

All four teens were released on bail.

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