Crime Alert: Thieves are targeting your car emblems

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This one was pried right off.

A new type of vehicle theft is sweeping the nation - thieves are now targeting your cars' emblems.

For one Durham resident, Friday the 13th brought real bad luck. Sometime overnight, thieves left a hole in the hood of Cynthia Murray's Toyota Camry.

"They didn't break it," she said. "They left me some nice little pry marks here. I guess they got what they wanted."

They popped it out, apparently using tools that left some scratches.

Replacing what professionals call the badge on her Camry will cost her.

"It's $52 for a new emblem, without the installation," Murray said. "The deductible for my insurance is $500."

A search of web sources reveals stealing car badges is one of the top auto-related crimes nationwide.

Durham police tell ABC11 that they don't track specific larcenies of medallions in the city, but Murray said an officer told her the stolen items turn up for sale online.

"$20, $18 - they are plentiful on Amazon," Murray said. "I think if they are easy to get off, it should be a little more difficult."

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