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Cary mom furious over dangerous, terrifying prank

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Amber Bowers said teens in an SUV intentionally swerved towards her and her children (WTVD)

A Cary mom says she and her children found themselves on the receiving end of a prank that could have had devastating consequences. She shared her story with ABC11 and other parents in the hopes of finding the teens responsible and stopping them from striking again.

Earlier this week, Amber Bowers was on her way to pick up her two oldest daughters from school. She was crossing Cornwall Road along Kildaire Farm Road, pushing her two youngest children in a stroller, when she heard the honk of a horn.

"So I looked up and noticed this car, and when I did, there were three teenage boys in it, and they swerved intentionally toward us in the crosswalk," Bowers explained. "And then they swerved away, and I mean, they were right there beside us and I could see that they were all laughing."

Bowers said there was no doubt the act was intentional. But for her, the near miss was no laughing matter.

"I was absolutely terrified," Bowers shared, telling ABC11 the boys were within inches of striking her and her children. "It scared me, it scared my 4-year-old, and if something had happened, if they hadn't been able to correct the swerve, they would have actually hit us."

She said she was too shaken to catch a license plate. But, she said the vehicle was a mid-sized, dark charcoal gray SUV, likely a newer model. She said the three boys were white with brown hair. And, given the relative proximity to Cary High School and the fact that this happened around 2:40 p.m., she suspects they were local students.

Bowers said she contacted Cary Police and they're looking into it. Meanwhile, she's been sharing her story on social media and various moms' groups to warn others and hopefully get this message back to those boys and their parents.

"To me, it felt very malicious, that they would think it was funny to intentionally scare us. So I want to get the message out that it's not funny and it's potentially dangerous."

Cary police said if you encounter a dangerous driver, you can call their non-emergency line at (919) 469-4012 of the local road watch hotline at (919) 319-4521. That number allows you to leave a detailed message with their traffic safety team who will investigate your claim.

On one of Bowers's original Facebook posts about the incident, several other moms in the Cary area reported having something similar happen to them recently. Cary police said they are not aware of a pattern of these types of encounters, but that could be because these often go unreported.

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