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Raleigh native describes horrific Tel Aviv terror attack

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Raleigh native Daniel Rosenberg talks to ABC11 about Wednesday's terror attack (WTVD)

As terror was unfolding in Tel Aviv's Sarona Market Wednesday night, Raleigh native Daniel Rosenberg, 29, was at home two miles away, watching a baseball game on TV.

"Even though you're just at home, you feel the panic of not knowing where your friends are."

The Raleigh native turned reservist for the Israeli Defense Forces said he had been enjoying the high-end market's restaurants and shops earlier this week. As two Palestinians started shooting at helpless patrons Wednesday night, he said his friends starting checking in with one another via text message.

Rosenberg never felt his life was in danger despite the close proximity to where he lives.

"It's two miles from my house and in Tel Aviv that's almost considered another world," he said.

The Millbrook High School alum moved to Israel nearly a decade ago. After learning four Israelis were killed and more than a dozen were injured in the attack, he said it's the sad reality of living in that country.

"God forbid if something happened like that in Cary, God forbid, I think it would shut down Wake County for a month," explained Rosenberg. "And here it's kind of like life goes on."

Local rabbis echoed his sentiment, but said they will still encourage Jewish families to travel to their holy land.

"We need to live life with faith and with courage," said Yisroel Cotlar, Chabad of Cary Rabbi. "And as a Jew, that means being comfortable to be in our land. And to not go because of that is actually handing victory to terrorists."

For Rosenberg who has IDF training coming up in October, living a life of fear is not an option.

"We're not gonna be intimidated by any attacks," he said. "It's only gonna strengthen our resolve to make this country stronger."

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