Bunnlevel residents rally to dump proposed trash site

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Bunnlevel residents are raising a stink about a proposed trash site.

Emotions ran high Thursday afternoon, as Barbara Edwards and her neighbors stood their ground to keep a trash dumpsite out of their community.

"I am really scared," said Edwards, a Bunnlevel resident.

What scares her the most?

"The environmental impact, the snakes, the rats, the garbage that will be strung everywhere," she responded.

Harnett County officials want to put a trash site where the old school now sits. But residents argue that will ruin their community.

"I called my Realtor, and she said without a doubt your home values will drop," said resident Elisabeth Castillo.

Residents say this county already has a collection site two miles away and say it justifies their fears, of people illegally dumping trash along the road when the collection bins are closed.

"We don't want our community to become a city dump," said resident Julian McEachin.

Here in this tiny, historic corner of Harnett County, the soil is rich with good crops, neighborly people, and community pride.

"It makes no more sense to put one here as to putting one down there on the lawn of the courthouse," said resident Larry Edwards. "That just, this is not where you want a trash dump."

Harnett County officials told the residents the proposed trash site is not a done deal.

"My mind is always on the sides of the citizens," said county commissioner Barbara McKoy. "So you don't like the idea of putting a collection site here? Well, I really don't like the idea of putting it so close to the residential area, people's homes."

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