Camera found in Raleigh Goodwill store changing room

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The camera was similar to this one.

Raleigh police are investigating a video camera a woman claims she found in a dressing room at the Brier Creek Goodwill thrift store.

Francine Gray and her friend Erica Miles of Durham came to the store Wednesday looking for a bargain but they found more than they bargained for.

Gray tried on a dress in one of the store's three fitting rooms and then came out and showed Miles.

"As I head back into the dressing room and I start taking my clothes off, I just noticed something like out of the corner of my eye to the left," Gray told ABC11.

She said she climbed up onto the bench and looked on top of the full length mirror.

"It was like a small video recording camera," Gray said.

She added, "It almost looked like a bubble gum machine toy but a light was on there flashing red."

Gray says the camera was identical to one found on numerous websites and can be purchased for as little as ten dollars.

When she pulled out the memory card she says the red light stopped flashing. But when they put the card in Miles' phone it wasn't compatible.

They couldn't see any of the five video files on the camera, but they could hear audio.

Miles felt bad for her friend saying: "Your worst nightmare, you know, you're in private and you're undressing and you're not thinking that anyone's looking and it's kind of, yeah, it's kind of mortifying."

Goodwill Community Foundation officials wouldn't say whether surveillance cameras observed in the store were working or may provide clues for the Raleigh police investigation.

They would only say they are cooperating with the investigation.

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