Campus crime alert at NC State

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Police sau this person used stolen credit cards to buy over $400 worth of Walmart gift cards before leaving in a white car (WTVD)

NC State University has issued a crime alert after nine credit or debit cards were stolen from buildings at the Main and Centennial campuses.

Campus Police say one woman captured in a surveillance image used several credit cards stolen on campus to purchase over $400 worth of Walmart gift cards. They're also looking for two other suspects.

Police say this is a second suspect in the case.

NC State University Police Major David Kelly said the crimes were committed as far back as 2014 and as recently as last month. Major Kelly explained anybody can be a target.

"It's anybody that really leaves their personal belongings around, their purse that's sitting out or a pocketbook or leaving a desk unattended," Major Kelly said. "It's a crime of opportunity where they're coming into these areas that are unsecured, people that leave belongings around."

Senior Jorge Pacheco said he keeps a close eye on his stuff on campus to avoid this type of theft.

"Or have somebody around that I know like looking after my stuff, especially in the library," Pacheco said. "I mean I hear stories and stuff but it hasn't happened to me, fortunately."

But it has happened to several other people on campus. And Major Kelly said it's something we all need to be aware of.

"It's certainly not just a college-type campus crime that's being committed here," Major Kelly said. "These are crimes of opportunity that can happen in any type of work environment or any type of workplace, whether it's a doctor's office or at a library or wherever else. It's not just something that happens here on campus."

Campus police are still looking for the woman in the picture they say left Walmart in a white passenger vehicle. They've provided these descriptions of the other suspects:

  • A black male with dreadlocks, college age, 5 foot 7, 100 pounds

  • A black male, heavyset, about 40 years old and bald.

The NC State University Police Department has provided these tips:

  • Thieves often target locations where doors and windows are left unlocked or unsecured or not monitored for any amount of time.

  • Thieves may try to gain access into an office by using force or deception; immediately report suspicious persons.

  • University credit, debit, and other transaction cards or money should always be secured from public view and general access.

  • If you feel unsafe in any situation, trust your instinct and contact University Police immediately to report suspicious activities or crimes on campus by calling 911 or (919) 515- 3000.

If you have any information about the thefts, contact NCSU Police: (919) 515-3000.

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