Boa constrictor slithers into woman's SUV

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A woman had an unusual passenger on Thursday, a 10-foot-long boa constrictor. (KTRK)

A woman may have taken a ride yesterday with an unusual passenger -- a 10-feet-long boa constrictor.

Katie Hauer saw the snake slither under her SUV in a parking lot, but an expert says it may have been in the car since she left home.

The elaborate rescue effort was caught on camera.

A herpetologist, someone who studies reptiles and amphibians, was called to the scene to remove the reptile.

The vehicle was raised off the ground, and for 45 minutes as the expert wrestled with the snake.

The snake was placed into a container and loaded into a truck. The herpetologist, Cameron English, told WBRE the boa constrictor is likely someone's lost pet, but he was still looking for the owner.

English said, "Apparently someone's pet got out, got loose. It's been out for a while by the looks of it. Very well fed, but just got into the wrong place at the wrong time."

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