Raleigh entrepreneur blasts HB2 at DNC

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Jesse Lipson, ShareFile founder (WTVD)

Raleigh entrepreneur Jesse Lipson took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and spoke against the controversial North Carolina LGBT law. He said House Bill 2 is driving away business and hurting the entire country's reputation.

He gave a four-minute speech in prime time during during a segment of the convention titled "Ensuring Equality." Lipson tried to tie presidential Donald Trump to HB2 and praised Hillary Clinton's efforts to help start-up companies.

"It's clear you don't understand something simple about business," he said, addressing Trump. "Nothing scares away investment like hate. Disgusting laws like North Carolina's attack on LGBT Americans are costing my state hundreds of millions of dollars. It's cost us the NBA All-Star Game, and it's costing us talented programmers who are ready to build the future.

"Republicans may think they're telling people which bathroom to go into, but they're actually telling people which market to stay out of," Lipson added.

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