Meredith students 'inspired' at political conventions

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Meredith political science students talk about being in Philadelphia during the DNC.

Students from Raleigh's Meredith College are in Philadelphia, getting a close-up look at the U.S. political process.

These are undergrads from Raleigh's all-women college who responded to a call from Meredith's Political Science Department offering a chance to go to a national political convention.

Some went to see the Republicans in Cleveland, others came here to Philadelphia.


For 21-year-old Ann Cox, it's her first political convention, but she's not your typical millennial. Cox said she's been a political junkie since birth, she even got in playground fights back in 2000 over the Al Gore vs. George W. Bush presidential race.

"This is just sort of getting to see something that I've been involved in my whole life on such a grand scale," Cox told ABC11. "I'm really hoping to get into the arena because that would just be the ultimate cherry on top."

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Students get a first-hand look at the political process.

Emily Walter, a Meredith junior, did go inside the arena.

"I was just filled with happiness and excitement, as a woman hoping to be in the political science field, it was just a really, really great time and I just feel inspired," Walter said.

Sidney Shank, also a Meredith junior, said it was an opportunity to see candidates, "who they really are and what they really act like and what their jobs really entail."

Asked about the impressions that inside look left on her, Shank smiled and replied:

"I have always known that I'm not the right kind of person to be a politician."

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