Man says he was scammed after online purchase

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David Sheppard paid just a dollar for a camera.

David Sheppard thought he was dealing with Amazon when he purchased a camera in an auction for one dollar.

"You can get it for a special price within a time limit, so I bought a camera on there," David said.

The dollar was deducted from David's bank account, and then shortly after he kept getting alerts.

"I seen charges of $350 come out my account. One right after another, and that's when I realized something's not right," he continued.

David's bank account was drained.

"I contacted the bank. The bank said the money was sent from Western Union. Money went from Western Union to the Federal Prison Bureau," he said.

David contacted them and found out it went to an inmate in the federal prison system.

He was confused on how this happened. Worse, David was out all of his money.

"Closed my bank account, wasn't able to access any funds. I have insufficient funds, overdraft fees," he explained.

David said he couldn't get immediate help from his bank, Regions Bank, so he turned to me and quickly got results.

They expedited the investigation and got funds back into David's account.

Regions put the $700 back in his account, plus reimbursed him for the overdraft fees.

A representative for Regions Bank said: "they use sophisticated technology to help detect fraudulent transactions, and they encourage customers to be on guard as well."

The representative said David did alert them right away about the fraud.

As for Amazon, due to privacy reasons, they can't comment on customer orders, but say sellers on Amazon do not have access to buyer's personal and payment information.

David is happy he has all of his money back, but he never got his camera.

Amazon is working with him on that issue.

So word to the wise, the best advice is never give out your personal information or payment information to third parties or through a separate email exchange outside of the site you used to make the original purchase.

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