Instagram celeb answers bell, feeds Durham homeless

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Instagram celebrity Wuzzam Supa.

When it comes to turning ideas on social media into action, Instagram celebrity Wuzzam Supa is not messing around.

Wuzzam Supa, as she's known as online, has almost 600,000 followers on Instagram and almost 30,000 followers on Twitter.

She's from New Orleans, but she flew to Durham to pass out food to the homeless after being challenged on Twitter by some Bull City residents.
Supa and her team passed out water and about 200 sandwiches Monday, and shared it all online using the hashtag #wheredasnacksat."

According to the social media personality, the Twitter challenge came out of a conversation with someone in Durham when she suggested homeless folks could use a warm meal more than a snack.

She said she's trying it "their way" on Monday, serving sandwiches and will try it her way on Tuesday, by serving warm, home-cooked food.

Supa said she has a lot of experience feeding the homeless - she and her friends pass out food to Homeless people in New Orleans every Tuesday and share it with the hashtag #feedtheneedtuesday.

"I had a few family members when I was young that was homeless and I used to get in trouble a lot because they used to come to my house and I was the only one in the house that was giving out food," Supa said. "And I used to get in trouble for giving out food to my family members because they were homeless.

"So as I got older I saw in New Orleans we have a lot of homeless people, especially after the storm. We have so many homeless people and I'm like well let's just start giving out food and we started communicating with them. We started talking to them and they'll really like have deep conversations with us about why they're homeless, and how come they're homeless."

The Instagram star said she just wants to inspire others to take action instead of just talking to social media.

"People need help, people need to eat and some people go day to day without eating," Supa said. "So if you can help them, and you ate all day today, and you can help out and get all your friends -- round them up -- use the hashtag #wheredasnacksat."

Supa will be serving plates of warm food and passing out water and fruits at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Oakwood Park at 411 Holloway St. in downtown Durham.

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