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War widow loses keepsakes in agonizing home robbery

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A Harnett County war widow has been the victim of a petty and heartless robbery.

Staff Sgt. Eric Vick's widow has been holding onto jewelry and mementos for years in attempt to keep his memory alive.

Vick was killed in Iraq in 2007 when a bomb went off. His widow was presented with a Gold Star necklace and pin at his funeral.

Those items were among the items stolen, when her home was robbed.

The Harnett County Sheriff's Office said it believes teenagers broke into the home and took off with sentimental pieces, riding away on bicycles.

ABC11 is not naming the victim or where she lives in Harnett County.

The widow's wedding ring and her late husband's watch were also taken. In a rush to grab as many valuables as possible, the thieves overturned an urn carrying the fallen soldier's ashes.

The widow's pain is being felt by many people in her neighborhood, where mostly military families live.

"He gave his life for this country and now his life was just thrown all over their house. I know that hits her really, really hard," said neighbor Lyndsey Proctor.

"(It's) awful, my heart breaks for her. It's so sad. I can't even imagine," said resident Sara Ducharme.

Ducharme saw a group of teens on the prowl early Wednesday morning. She says they were dressed in black and wearing backpacks.

"As they walked off, they weren't quiet about it. They were kind of laughing," said Ducharme. "I just hope they find whoever did it and they get her stuff but because you can't replace those things. She doesn't have him anymore, so those were his memories."

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