Apartment touts amenities, resident finds them unusable

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Green pools, netless tennis courts and filthy common areas are not what you see advertised.

Apartment complexes across the Triangle offer many different amenities to their residents.

When Debo Mabo moved into the Foxfire Apartments in 2015, he says the amenities that the complex advertised online were attractive: two pools, tennis courts, fitness center and much more.

Once Mabo moved in, he says he realized he couldn't even use many of those amenities.

Debo Mabo discusses the problems with ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

"When Foxfire says they're working on something, you'll wait a year," Mabo said.

One of the two pools is covered and has green water sitting on top of the cover. Mabo says it attracts mosquitos.

"I'm worried about health," Mabo added.

One of the pools at the Foxfire Apartments.

When we visited the complex, Mabo showed us how there is no net on the tennis courts, and he says the fitness center has been closed for at least a year. When he showed us the laundry room, it was not clean at all.

"It's the filthiest laundry room that I've ever encountered. There is trash and dirt everywhere," Mabo said.

Mabo's biggest complaint has to do with where he has to take his trash. The Foxfire complex is rather large, and there is only one common area for all tenant trash. Mabo has to get his trash, get in his car and drive a quarter mile to the community trash dump. He says the community trash bins are often overflowing.

"I needed help. I needed someone to speak on behalf of the people," Mabo said.

The common area for resident trash.

I talked with the management at the Foxfire apartment complex, but they could only refer me to their corporate office in Atlanta. Despite repeated calls and emails, a rep would only say they're looking into it.

Mabo says he has seen some action. The laundry room did get a good cleaning and a net was put up on the tennis courts. He says one of the pools still remains covered and unusable, which he feels is a safety hazard with all of the mosquitoes.

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