Marbles Museum free event preps kids for kindergarten

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Marbles Kids Museum is teaching kids, and parents, a thing or two this weekend (WTVD)

Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh is granting free admission Saturday for kids heading into kindergarten and their families.

The North Carolina National College Savings Program is hosting the "Kick Off to Kindergarten Event" to help families maneuver the milestones of life. Organizers know that one day, parents will be dropping their little ones off at school for the first time, and the next, they'll be helping them move into their college dorm.

Those little ones, cute and playing at Marbles Kids Museum, don't stay little forever.

The event aims to help new kindergartners understand what they'll do once school starts, and to help parents learn about the NC 529 college savings plan.

"I can't think of any reason why anyone wouldn't want to do that. Everyone wants to save for their child's future," said Gabrielle Anastasi, NC 529 Savings Supervisor.

And parents can start saving through that 529 program. The money can be used for higher education at colleges and universities around the country. Representatives will be at Marbles during the event to answer questions, such as how much it costs to start an account.

"Only $25 starts an account. People want to know whether or not they're required to make regular investments or they have to be on some sort of a payment plan," explained Anastasi. "Even if you just start the account, and you only have the initial $25 to begin and you weren't able to contribute for the next five years, the account is still there, it's started."

It's started, and hopefully growing. How aggressive a parent wants that investment to be is up to them. Whether the child is ready for the Kick Off to Kindergarten event, or off to high school, parents can start a 529 plan.

"A lot of people think 'It's too late for me! My child is a junior in high school!'" expressed Anastasi. "It's never too late."

Two years ago, state lawmakers did away with letting contributions to the 529 plan be tax deductible. But Anastasi said when the account is ready for distribution, what you earned on the account will outweigh any state income deductions you could have taken.

Saturday's free event at Marbles is from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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