Parents finish final preparations before first day of school

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Some people were still shopping for supplies the day before many kids go back to school (WTVD)

Some parents were still out shopping Sunday afternoon for school supplies before many traditional calendar students head back to class.

Karen Thurston was among those shopping at the Brier Creek Target. She and others were stocking up before the big day. They said they hope to start the year right.

Hillside High teacher Jasmine McKoy bought plenty of spare supplies Sunday and had some advice for parents.

"Come prepared with paper, notebooks, writing utensils," she said. "Definitely writing utensils because they lose them so quickly. Those are things we really need."

Thurston's already purchased some of those essentials for her 9th grade son.

"Folders, binders, pens, pencils highlighters. Colored pencils. It never ends!"

Jamie Brown's youngest daughter, Siena, already started kindergarten before the traditional first day so she also had some advice for parents before the big day.

"Make sure that they get up on time, especially if they're not used to it, and have lots of tissues ready the child and the mom," she said. "Siena was ready but mommy and daddy were not quite ready for her to go."

Moms we spoke with also stressed the importance of healthy meals and sufficient rest before beginning the new school year.

"Make sure that they eat well and go to bed early," said Jamie Brown. "Because they never do!"

9th Cameron Kaplinger is an exception to that rule. He's spending his last night before classes at rest, saying he's getting lots of sleep so he can be wide awake.

Parents with the young new students hope their hard work and planning will inspire a response like the one from Brown's kindergartner who said she had fun on the first day.

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