Franklinton couple owed money months after home sale

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Willie and Bunny Nixon sold their home in April, and were owed $1990.46.

After you sell your home, you expect to get any money owed to you. Willie and Bunny Nixon sold their home in April, and were owed $1990.46. That was the amount left in their escrow account.

Ditech Financial sent them a letter detailing the amount they would get, but two weeks after closing they still had not received their money.

So, Willie Nixon called Ditech.

"The check was mailed on the 9th of May," Willie said he was told. "It was probably lost in the mail, so you would have to wait 30 days before we can cut another check."

The Nixons waited another 30 days, but still no check. Willie was forced to call Ditech again.

"She was very apologetic, and she said 'we will cut you another check and it will be there in 7 to 10 days,'" Willie explained.

The Nixons waited some more, but still were unable to get their money.

"No one called, no one seemed to be concerned," Willie said. "When we call, they would give us the runaround. It's our money!"

Fed up, the Nixons reached out to me. Not long after reaching out, they finally got the good news they were hoping for.

"Oh my god, you wouldn't believe it. We sent you the information one day. You called the next day, and two days later the money was in our account," Willie shared. "We are grateful to you. You are a Godsend, you really are."

The Nixons got all of the money owed to them once I connected them with a Ditech representative that worked directly with them.

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