Raleigh construction and weather cause confusion on Capital Boulevard

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It's hard to know what lane you're in at the Capital Boulevard and Wade Avenue split.

The Wade Avenue bridge project is about to get underway, but the winter weather has damaged the temporary striping there.

People who work and drive to this area say it's hard to know what lane you're in at the Capital Boulevard and Wade Avenue split.

Philip McLamb works right in front of the split, and the view from his desk gives him a front row picture. He said it's not uncommon for them to hear 150-200 horn honks a day.

"You can hear the horns down the street from about where the gas station is," McLamb said as a horn honked right behind him. "And that's a good example."

"Like that," his co-worker, Pam Mandy said as another car beeped by behind her.

It's something they said is caused by stripped-down striping.

"This inside lane puts it like you're going to be on the curb or in the dirt," said Nick Boone, who also works near the split and commutes to the area daily.

The concerns for danger at this section of Capital Boulevard are varied.

Not only are people worried about the split, they also have major concerns about the cones forcing a lane merge up ahead.

"They don't really have a chance once they get up here, and they have to merge, they don't know where they're going," Mandy said.

A problem some say is made worse by drivers switching lanes coming off of Peace Street.

"They immediately start lane changing," McLamb said. "It almost looks like a NASCAR race. There's so much swerving in and out."

"They're in such a hurry they're afraid someone's going to get in front of them and come out; a little bit of road courtesy would be nice," Boone said.

A sign has been posted to warn folks of the shifting lanes, as the Fairview exit is detoured for the bridge work, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Permanent striping has been delayed because of wet roads, NCDOT representative Steve Abbott said, and the contractor may start laying new striping Sunday night if weather permits.

"We have been aware of the issue, and ask drivers to be patient and more importantly to slow down and use extra caution through the lane shifts," Abbott said.

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